Exporting data

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You can export TOM data into different file formats and in custom field constellations. As an example you can export data to an .xls file for evaluating it in MS Excel or to an html file for web-publishing for various purposes. You can store export field constellations for repetitive use.



The following description applies to Clients, Client staff, Invoices (both In/Out), Jobs .


1.Select the records you want to export: Go to List view and call the records through Search, periodical and other calls.
Please note: In client and client staff lists you can save sets of records and load them any time later.
2.From the  <<Functions>>  menu select  Export listed records
3.You will be directed to Export list view, where you can continue configuring the export.
Note: In this view you may not see all fields right away on the screen. For a better overview you can scale and move columns as required.
4.Open the  File  sub-menu and type a file name (incl. the file extension - xls etc.). The file will automatically be saved to the standard export folder defined in >User Settings|Forms. You can check the validity of the folder path by clicking onto the Open Folder icon.
5.Open the  Field selection   sub-menu and choose an existing export format, i.e. a list of field  values that you want to export. Customize the field lists by clicking into the fields and selecting a field name from the drop-down menu. Some of the field names have short comments for easier identification. TOM tries to offer you - out of a far greater number of fields available in the database - those that are normally of goo d use. If you need more specific field values to be exported you can also type in the field name after contacting Jovosoft for the exact spelling. Also, there is a file called Fields_in_TOM.xls in the TOM program folder providing more information
- Click the Select format" checkbox at the top of the table you want to export.
Important: Select only ONE export format! If several are activated TOM will always use the first of those activated !
- When you export date fields or number fields for reporting purposes use the (differently coloured) export fields ! (Green = text / Red = date / Yellow = number)
6.Now open the  Export  sub-menu to define the file format (.xls / .html / .pdf / .mer  etc.).
The newly generated file opens automatically.