General Handling Tips

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Automatic storage

Generally, changes in the database are directly written to the hard disc. No "Save file" command is required. When creating new records TOM shows dialog boxes requiring your confirmation before saving.


Keyboard shortcuts

Frequently used program functions can be called through keyboard shortcuts. Here are the most important ones:


Ctrl + Shift + B:                Back to last layout

Ctrl + Shift + W:        Reverse "Back" step


Ctrl + H:                Open Context Help

Ctrl + Shift + H:                Open Help


Ctrl + N:                New record

Ctrl + [-]:                Insert current date (cursor in field!)

Ctrl + F:                Start Quick Search

Ctrl + Shift + F :        Start Detail Search (clients and jobs only)


Text formatting:

Ctrl + Shift + B:                bold

Ctrl+ Shift + I:                italics



'Portals': Information & navigation

Portals are lists or small windows within a TOM window that displays data from other program sections (e.g. the Start window consists almost entirely of portals). They are mainly used for information and for navigating to the related program area by clicking into a row.  However, some portals also allow the direct input of data (e.g. in >Clients >Staff tab):

go or scroll to the first empty row and enter the information.


Print preview

Many times in the printing process you will be presented with a preview window where no editing is possible. At the same time, a grey navigation bar will show on top