Configuring e-mail accounts

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To enter e-mail settings select  Mail settings  from the  E-Mail ...  menu in the main mail screen.

You will initially see a list of all e-mail accounts including option 'Create new account'. In order to configure an account click in the desired table row.


Default account option: Activating this option will make the given account the standard sending account in new messages - but only if in the TOM user profile no other sending account been specified for the given user! Therefore, in a network environment it is possible to choose between users sending e-mail from their own mail addresses, or from the standard office address.
"E-mail accounts forwarded to this account" (on the e-mail server): by entering such accounts (e-mail addresses) here you allow TOM to identify those accounts as targeted to the same user(s) as current account (important to assign e-mail to those users).
You can duplicate accounts.


hmtoggle_arrow1Get Mail and Send Mail
Accounts with 'Priority' will be scanned normally, i.e. by clicking on the "Get Mail" button or through the automatic mail pickup. Accounts without this option activated require the SHIFT key pressed while clicking the "Get mail" button.
Send mail: Note that most E-Mail servers do not require an SMTP password.


hmtoggle_arrow1Format and (Account) Users
The "Format" tab is used to store HTML code in case you want to use an HTML signature for your messages.
The "Users" option controls which of the users registered in TOM will have access to messages addressed to a particular account.