Manage File attachments

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Along with other e-mail data, file attachments are stored in the TOM file "DicDat.to6" as binary objects in a particular field. This means that these files are attached to a message in their original version (at the time when they were sent), but this also means that the TOM file can grow very large very quickly.


General saving option

In order to avoid unnessary data volumes TOM Mail offers the option of automatically deleting the internal file attachments after they have been saved to disk (incoming mail), or after they have been sent (outgoing mail). Thereby only the externally saved file will remain. The path selected when saving a file or importing a file into the message is stored along with the message.

The file path having been saved the file can be accessed directly from within the message - provided, of course, it has not been renamed or moved. However, any changes to the original version can not be ruled out or recorded in the message itself.