TOM Mail: Basic settings

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To enter e-mail settings select  Mail settings  from the  E-Mail ...  menu in the main mail screen.


Some special options are described below:

Message format: defines the standard automatically assigned to new messages. The options are Text-Only, Rich Text (allowing for text formatting), or html. The default format can be changed any time in the open message window.
Automatic receiving: triggers a timed receiving of new messages from the mail server. Launched on any particular machine this function will include only such accounts as are assigned to the currently logged-in user.
-> Any changes in this settings need to be activated.
This activation can be handled differently for specific users. Automatic activation takes place at program start, see Office/User Settings/Staff.
Reply format: As known from other mail programs each quoted line can be prefixed any character like ">" and the like. TOM offers an additional option of prefixing the sender's initials.