Functions in Single-Job View (Detail view)

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The single-job view offers a variety of job processing functions:


Directly navigate to the ordering client arr_diagon
Propagate the completion date to all related job items as 'date sent' ( click arr_down next to completion date)
Enter internal job notes
View general instructions by the client (stored in the client profile), as well as specific job instructions (entered in the job input window)
Not all job data is visible on the top level in the job window. You will find more information in a popup window which opens when you click the magnifying glass lupe_br.  Here you will also find:
- Job log
- Link to any quote from which the job might have been created

Editing / Locking jobs
To edit existing job data click edit_med.

To prevent any subsequent changes to jobs after invoicing you set an option in User Settings >JobManagement .


Cancelling a job

Prior to using this function you should remove the related job items manually or at least remove price and deadline information from them.

To cancel a job select this function from the  Job  menu. It is thereby excluded from standard requests and statistics.



In order to delete a job choose the Delete command from the main menu  Job . To complete the command you need to enter a password which you can define in User Setting >General.

Job E-Mail


Functions in the menu


 >Order confirmation  

Creates a printed order confirmation. If the PDF option is chosen the PDF file can be automatically attached to a job e-mail.

Should you intend to sent a simple text e-mail as an order confirmation you can do so in the Job Mail screen.

A printed order confirmation requires at least one job item within the job.


 >Time recording 

read here

 >Text count 

Directs you to a screen where translation files can be imported and counted. For more informationen go here.