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In single-job view click .

In case of a job not yet invoiced: you will see all completed jobs for the current client, giving you the option to issue an invoice for the current job or for all completed jobs in one invoice.
In case of a job fully invoiced: you will see invoice information and functions such as re-print, or send by e-mail.
In case of a job partially invoiced: another invoicing is possible and information about existing invoice(s) is available.



You can include any number of completed jobs in one invoice. However there are some conditions that must be met for a job to be allowed to be invoiced: date and price entered in each job item (exceptions here)
2.completion date entered in the main job. Exception: Partial invoices).


More essential information on invoices:

To design the invoice layout with your logo, address details etc. go to >User settings >Forms >Letter.
As an alternative, invoices can be printed in MS-Word
To alter thewording on invoices, add other language(s) etc. go to >User Settings >Forms >Invoice.
Generally, each job item will appear as an invoice item (exceptions).
You can create more than one invoice from any job (Partial invoices)
You can create an invoice for the current job specifically
You can create an invoice from within a job item for that particular job item only
You can decide whether or not to print job-related sub-totals on your invoice.
You may include or exclude the client's department and/or contact in the invoice address
You can add a custom notice to the invoice
You can add free text to any job item (invoice item)
Each new invoice appears as an Open item in the Finance section (outgoing invoices).


To generate the invoice:

While in single-job view click .
Check the list of invoicable jobs (if any) in the list and de-select as possibly required.

Note: by default each job will appear as "invoicable" in the list.

If required, activate the partial payment option, allowing you to invoice a job with an empty delivery date
Click on either or .
You are going to see the new invoice in a Preview allowing you to abort the process and make any necessary changes.


MS-Word print: Both of the above options can be performed on an MS Word template instead of the TOM layouts.
After printing the status in all invoiced jobs is set to "invoiced". An Open item has been created in Finances.


Manipulating page breaks in long invoices

On multi-page invoices the page breaks may not always turn out ideal. However, you can increase the gaps between the different invoice rows millimeter-wise to improve that situation. Choose the "Adjust" option until the print view is ok.


Option "Show job subtotals"

When this option is checked each job on the invoice is shown with its job price, otherwise only the individual job item prices and the final invoice total are shown. Displaying the job subtotals makes sense for invoices with few jobs and many job items each. The opposite would be an invoice with many jobs and few job items.


Option "List Translation Files"

Use this option to display a complete listing of translated files, separated by a semicolon, on your invoice. TOM inserts the list in an extra row beneath each job row on the invoice. An  i  icon ("info") displays the list in a tooltip.

You can define an introductory phrase (such as "Files translated") in both, Invoice and Offer form templates, in User Setting | Forms
 IMPORTANT  TOM will search the files in the FIRST SUBFOLDER to your Job Folder! Make sure you have defined one and that the original files are stored in it!
In Offers, it is the TOP LEVEL of your Offer folder.