Creating a new job, Step 1: General information

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How to create a new job:

In the Job management area by clicking on the new_med button in the main menu bar.
In the  Go to ...  menu choose  Jobs >New  
In any client profile select the function  New client job  from the  Client  menu)


You will be taken to the Job input screen.


Select a client

The cursor jumps to the 'Client ID' field which opens a list of all clients from which to choose one.

Jump down this list by typing the client's initial and/or use the cursor to select it
You may as well escape this list and type in the client ID in case you know it by heart.

Fill in the other fields as required. Not all are necessary, these are the important ones:



The date entered here will initially be adopted in all job items and can be edited there as required.


Source language

Choose a language code from the drop-down list or type it in.


The selected language is not automatically the source language for the entire job, but is only used as the default language for new job items, where it can be



You can create and edit the job folder structure while in the input/edit screen, see also Job folders Files management


To edit job data at a later time click edit_med  in the Single-job screen.


New job, Step 2: Create job items