Invoicing for partial payment / advanced payments in running jobs

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TOM offers a simple feature for creating several invoices from one job, allowing you to create advance or partial payment invoices for ongoing jobs. You can view all job invoices in the main job screen. To close a job entirely you have to declare it as finally invoiced (main job / Invoice tab).



Invoicing a singular job item

This is the easiest way of creating a partial invoice: to do so select  Invoice job item  from the  Sub-Job  menu in the SP window.


Invoicing several job items in a partial invoice

This function is the same as the normal invoicing procedure with the difference that you have to check the "Partial invoice" option. You thereby bypass the check for a completion date in the main job. Also, the job will be kept open for future invoicing, i.e. it won't be given an invoice date.


In some cases some job items need to be excluded from the invoice, while others within the same job need to be invoiced. To do so activate the Special job. option in the job items you want to exclude.
Job items already invoiced are automatically excluded from invoicing.


Declaring a job as fully invoiced

There are two ways of completing the "invoiced" status in a job:

creating another / final invoice from it WITHOUT the partial invoice option checked
In the invoice view click  Declare job as finally invoiced  (available in the post-invoicing screen).


In both cases the date of the last invoice will be used as the invoice date for the job.