Job Management - Introduction

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The Job Management area is the center of activities in TOM, and is linked to all other program sections.

In addition to the main order data you will find here communication routines, folder management, time recording, text counting.

Jobs may contain any number of order positions ("job items"). Typical job items are, e.g., different target languages, several documents into one or more languages, DTP or other services, additional cost items such as postage and packing etc.

The job item level is described here. This chapter describes the job level.



Jobs are managed in the following views primarily:

The Job List provides overview and many filters and selection features. It is often used
- to navigate to more detailed job information during order processing
- to gain statistical and business information
For more information read here: Job list   Job statistics and reporting
The Input/edit view is a protected area for creating new jobs and editing existing ones.
Read more: Create new job Edit / Cancel / Delete a job
Single-job view
- displays general data
- offers job processing routines (e-mail, job folder, invoicing etc.)
- edit some job item details
- access related job items:
For more read JobMails Time recording Jobs: 'Files'
Deadlines and prices are managed in job items