Job items - Deadlines & Prices

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The Client's deadline is copied from the main job but can of course be adapted so that each job item may be managed independently. TOM by default sets the translator deadline one day ahead of the client deadline.
Open delivery deadlines are automatically displayed in the deadline calendar.
TOM auto-enters a default time deadline in addition to the deadline which can be adapted in User Settings >Jobs.
An entry in the time field is mandatory.


Prices by language pair / General prices

Client-related language prices are offered in dropdown lists. These lists depend on the entries in the client profile for the current language pair (source-target language).
The client's general prices (minimum charge and hourly rate) appear automatically; click to insert if suitable.
The prices appearing on the right in the client's price section is drawn from the Articles list under User Settings >Sources.
Varying currency, if any, of your client is accounted for in the calculation of "effective margin" and requires an exchange rate being entered.


[Some more information on the Prices concept in TOM: Managing prices]