Naming the Sub-Job and adding invoice Information

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The job item title appears on invoices and on other forms and can comprise up to three lines of text.

A language pair 'DE-IT' will automatically be converted to "German-Italian" on the invoice.
The full language name appears in a separate field that can be edited (see below).


Adapting the SP title / description



TOM requires language codes to identify languages and make the necessary connections with price charts etc. Therefore the field with the language code must not be modified. Now here is a problem.

Example: Different text types, e.g. a tech sheet and a brochure, are to be translated into one and the same target language. You want to create two job items for this. Since both SPs have the same target language, how to differentiate them on the invoice? Therefore you want to add a phrase, e.g. "English-Italian / TechSheet" and "English-Italian / Brochure".

By doing so all internal links with client prices etc. remain intact.


In the SP edit screen, click .
To insert the addition click on the pen icon pen_med .


Adding extra information

You can add independent job item information to your invoices.

Again, in the SP edit screen, click .
Click on this icon inv_note2 and enter the text into a dialog box. This text will be displayed over almost the full width of the invoice page and may comprise up to three lines.