Status messages

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Status messages depend primarily on the dates and deadlines entered. You can edit the messages to suit your preferencees (>User Settings >Jobs).


 Please note 

Declaring a job item an Invoice item (see Special projecs and Invoice items) suspends all status messages
An entry in Date sent supersedes any preceding messages


Work in progress

is displayed when a deadline is in the future

Deadline today

is displayed on the due date if the deadline time is in the future

Deadline missed

is displayed if deadline date/time has been exceeded without an entry in 'date sent'

Enter price!

is displayed when a delivery date to the client has been entered but no price

Job item completed

is displayed once all fields required for invoicing have been filled with valid data



Job invoicing status

In addition to the text messages the following color codes indicate the invoicing status:

RED - cannot yet be invoiced (date sent or price empty)

GREEN - ready to be invoiced

YELLOW - invoiced