TM Analysis Processing - Overview

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The TM module is an add-on not included in the standard price.


Basic concept and possible uses

The TM Analyzer provides a price calculation from the TM Match results which are, for this purpose, imported from TM log files. Prices are calculated on the basis of a given percentage of a base price which will be summarized into a total price.


The percentage based TM price scale is first defined in User Settings, from there propagated to client and translator records. (more info here)
Clients are assigned one TM format or system. You can switch to any other standard TM format from within a TM job.
Translators can be assigned any number of TM formats.
Further options and changes to the standard figures can be defined on client/translator level.
Using various reporting options the imported details from the analysis (match results) can be summarized in a way that they can be conveyed to the client as clear and easy-to-understand information, integrated into other job information.
TM reports in PDF format can be attached to offers and translations assignments fully automatic (provided the program is run under FileMaker Pro, as TOM's own PDF creation depends on this software).
A translator selected in a job item will automatically be copied to the TM job (not for offers).
TOM not only calculates the total price of a TM job but also the margin ( client price minus translator price), and the amount that the client is benefited by use of TM software.


Data structure

A TM job in TOM consists of a client analysis and (optionally) a translator analysis, possibly a proofreader analysis.

Please note the following:

1.Any translator selected in a job item will automatically be copied to the TM job.
1.The imported TM report is used for client, translator and proofreader alike.