User Settings: Job Management

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This is sub-divided into several sub-sections:

general settings and defaults
dropdown lists
standard phrases
complete job list
complete job item list




Files & Folders Management

This is where you define the defaults for organizing your translation files & folders on your hard drive. In the Job management TOM will create the following folder structure:

...>[Main folder] >[Client folder] >[Job folder] >[Task Folder] >[Sub-Job folders]



[folder tree from Client folder downwards]


The basis for this structure is created here in User Settings.

a)the root path to your Client & Job folders
b)the internal structure of job folders ('Task Folders') that can be used to store translation files in their various processing stages or for job-related documentation.
c)the option whether to use the job name or the job ID as prompt when creating the job folder.
d)the option whether a new folder or folder structure is to be created automatically each time a job is created. These are the options:
automatic folder tree
automatic single job folder
no automatic folder
hmtoggle_folder1Further options  

No editing of invoiced jobs

When this option is selected, invoiced jobs are no longer available for editing and can only be viewed, with the only exception that the "Evaluation" fields in job items can still be edited.


Auto input of standard deadline time

The time of day entered here will be inserted into each job item by default.

Editing of job status messages

Editing of job status messages and instructions created by TOM. Assign colour codes edit the existing text (avoid overlong phrases!)

MetaTexis installation path and activation

The text counting tool in TOM requires the full path to the Metatexis program file to be entered here. Also, you need to activated the function here (by default set to activated).

hmtoggle_folder1Dropdown Lists

These short phrases and terms are used in drop-down menus in various Job Management areas to allow for a speedy input of frequently used terms and expressions. Each is connected to a specific field in the Job Management window.

hmtoggle_folder1Standard Phrases

Enter standard phrases here, to be used in Job Management to copy larger

text strings into any field. Add a Name and a Category which allow you to filter

the list to facilitate the search if you keep a large number of entries.

For more information see Standard phrases.