User Settings - Serial numbers and ID's

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ID's containing serial numbers are automatically generated by TOM in the following program sections:



They are made up of a serial no. and an optional prefix and/or suffix. The no. of digits in the serial number is user-defined, and the prefix/suffix can be a user-defined formula, could produce, e.g., a number for the month and the year the job was created.


 Please note 

oID's should not be too long, otherwise they may not be shown properly in all screens and on all layouts.
oThe job ID should not contain a " / "  IF it is used for the automatic creation of job folders.




Starting the serial number count with a custom value

The field "Start with" instructs TOM to start with a different value than 1. The value entered here is the first serial number value of the next record in that module. E.g., you may not want to assign the Client ID "0001" to your first customer.

Reset count

This function resets the serial number value to 1. Again, if you want to customize this value use the function "Start with" (see above).

This function is useful especially in modules with large record numbers - invoices, vouchers, and jobs. (The client or translator base, on the other hand, usually does not grow to the same extent.)


 Please note 

If you reset the serial number be sure to change the prefix and/or the suffix as well to avoid the creation of identical ID's.