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Services / Articles (products)

These entries are used in the Sub-Job dropdown list from which they can be inserted as a job item item. The price entered in the "price ext." column will be displayed as well and can be inserted into the given job item by mouse click.

Apart from services or products you may want to add frequently used target languages to this list as well in order to speed up job item input (possibly without a price, since it's usually client-specific).

Subjects / Technical fields

The entries in this table are used in Client and Job areas.



Languages table

The entries in this table provide languages and their corresponding ISO codes. In Jobs you will simply enter the code and TOM will insert the full language name automatically, to appear on your invoices, offers etc.

Note that both language names and codes can be edited.



If you like, remove rare languages from TOM's original language list if you are sure you won't ever need them!


TM language codes in the languages table

For TOM to identify languages from a TM report file, enter the codes used by Trados and Across to identify their languages. This is a must for the automated extraction of languages and subsequent creation of TM analyses and SPs.


More on languages and codes