Business Management for Language Service Providers

For more than 15 years, translation agencies worldwide have relied on T.O.M. (“Translator’s Office Manager”) as their preferred business and project management tool.


In 15 years of market experience a multitude of user requests has been implemented in TOM. From quoting to invoicing, from CAT tool integration to feedback / problem management or Christmas mailings – you will find a comprehensive spectrum of features that will help you immensely to manage, promote and enjoy your day-to-day translation business.


Efficiency is about everything in order to stay ahead of haunting deaadlines and other tasks. Wherever possible TOM will draw on standard phrases, templates and related data to generate your quotes or invoices quickly. Yet this automation is widely configurable.
TOM’s clearly structured navigation scheme and short distances between program modules are essential in this regard. So are pre-configured filtering and querying throughout the different modules in the database to provide quick access and overview.


TOM easily manages any variety of currencies, tax rates, address formats or customer languages. Standard phrases, folder structures, export formats and so much more are all configurable. The standard version comes with pre-installed templates in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.
The option of printing forms through MS Word give you ample scope for designing your own company layouts.
User languages offered at this point are English and German.
For any further adaptation Jovosoft in Berlin is glad to provide any support needed.


Business analyses such as top-selling items or strongest customers are important indicators of business performance and development.
TOM offers on-the-fly reports such as ‘Turnover by language’, ‘Clients by turnover’, listings of quotes grouped by status – to name just a few – help you improve your business planning.
All TOM data may be exported to other tools such as MS Excel.


Remote access to TOM networks, e.g. from different locations, can be established through Terminal Server hosting which Jovosoft offers at fair prices.
Singe users can easily operate TOM from the cloud.
TOM’s web interfaces connect it to forms for general inquiries and applications, and to a TOM’s client portal.


TOM grows with your business. Based on FileMaker database software which can easily, and without compromising performance, handle the data volumes common in translation agencies there is practically no limit to scalability. An elaborate system of user rights provides for efficient access control, from trainee to managing director.


First Questions about TOM 13
What’s new in TOM 13? There are lots of new features in TOM 13. You can download/view a complete list here. For a shorter listing of the main features go to News
Where has Solito gone? TOM’s freelancer edition has merged into standard TOM. Just like the ‘Team’ edition it is now a registration option in the standard application. Which means Solito users can enjoy lots of cool features and frequent updates that might otherwise have bypassed them. In addition, Solito users can now have one co-worker in TOM’s supplier section. (Previously: 0. To compare:’Team’: 20; ‘Agency’: unlimited)
And where is TOM Demo? There is no more freely downloadable TOM trial application. Instead you will see webinars and access to Online demos on request.