Is TOM cloud-ready?

TOM is basically a desktop application: it operates best on Windows PC, on Mac and in local networks. Its interface is not browser-based. In other words: you do not need a (web) server to operate TOM. Your data is stored where it is needed, and safe: in your local IT microcosm.

However, there are several ways to access TOM remotely (mobile usage):

Single-user version:

  • Only for standalone version without FileMaker Pro: upload the entire TOM folder to your cloud space (such as GoogleDrive). In your local cloud folder on a Windows or Mac system click the TOM.exe file to launch TOM.
  • Launch TOM on your office PC (or Mac) and make this machine your Remote Desktop host. Access your computer through Windows RDP client, Teamviewer etc. In this case you can also use a mobile device running a remote desktop app. Note, however, that a tablet screen size would be required to operate TOM efficiently.

Network version

  • Requires a server which shares the database and is connected to the internet. Installing Windows Remote Desktop Services (used to be Terminal Services) will make the TOM database available to Remote Desktop clients.