Jovosoft News

June 15, 2018

TOM 13 released. Below is a list of the main new features. For a full listing of new features please download New Features in TOM 13 (EN).

New User Interface – Window Design

Owing to new FileMaker technology TOM 13 now comes with a more flexible scheme of window design and control. There is no more single program window that would contain all sub windows! Instead, specific views (windows) can be placed all over the screen(s) in separate windows. You could thereby, e.g., have a calendar view open permanently on the second screen while doing project work on the main screen.

New Calendar Module

The TOM calendar is now a JavaScript based separate module in a design similar to typical web calendars such as Google Cal. It displays project-related deadlines as well as general appointments and memos.

Program Logs

Processes and work steps in TOM are now logged, from navigation to deletion, for better transparence and traceability. At this point project-related processes and client profile history are logged. Log files can be queried, exported and basic statistical reports can be extracted.

Invoicing process redesigned

To comply with current accounting standards the invoicing processes has been made more rigid: PDF files produced are write-protected, “WORD invoices” no longer come out as “ready-to-edit” MS Word documents but as the final PDF/A file, which they are suppposed to be when sent to your clients. Project data relevant to invoicing are better protected against (unintentional) changes AFTER invoicing. Intentional changes AFTER invoicing are always logged as evidence to be used in possible tax inspections. Full Cancellation Invoices can now be issued, expanding the scope of the existing “Credit Note” function. Invoices cannot be deleted any more.

Data maintenance to comply with GDPR

Businesses operating in the EU are obliged to set up and document their internal data protection policy, with the key aspect of removing unused personal data after a certain period of time. The DP module in TOM 13 offers a flexible system of finding/filtering and deleting/anonymizing unused personal data in address books and from projects and quotes.
In addition TOM 13 offers a template for generating Data disclosure statements in a flash.

Web extensions overhauled

The client portal comes with cool new features and looks, the integration of the inquiry/application web forms now no longer require the TOM e-mail client.


The following modules have been discontinued:
– TOM Solito: it is now merged into standard TOM (Agency) – another internal option (as the “Team” edition has been for years)
– TOM Internal E-Mail Client
– URLs, Local Links, Tasks