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The complete online Help system is available here. The system is also directly accessible for context-related Help from TOM layouts.

PDF documentation

The same Help system is available as a PDF file.


The Q&A below are on a more general level. For questions regarding specific functions or to report specific problems please contact Jovosoft by e-mail.

Can I adapt the invoice layout and other form layouts ?There are several ways to adapt form layouts.
1. Change the contents of fixed layout elements like header, footer and a few others.
2. Work on layout level to change the position, size and other parameters of such layout elements. For this it is necessary to run TOM under FileMaker Pro (and ideally have some skill in handling FileMaker Pro).
3. Have item 2. carried out by a Jovosoft developer according to your instructions.
4. Use the Print-to-Word feature in TOM, using customizable MS Word templates which many users are familiar with.
Can I generate PDF from TOM?The basic PDF creation process would use a pdf print driver such as Adobe Acrobat, FreePDF, Foxit PDF etc. The automated pdf processes integrated in TOM, however, require TOM to operated under FileMaker Pro.
- PDF files will be generated under a pre-configured name in a pre-configured folder path without any dialog
- The path is saved in TOM and can be used to open the PDF from TOM's project view, or to attach it to e-mail addressed to clients and vendors.
Can I export TOM data to other applications?All relevant data related to projects, clients, translators, contacts and finances can be exported to xls(x) format (MS Excel) or csv format (e.g. accounting software).
Examples are client address records, or project data including deadlines, language pairs, prices).
Export field constellations are all configurable and can be saved for future reuse.
Can TOM be operated efficiently under different local conditions?The TOM user interface is offered in two languages, German and English. In a network environment the mixed use of both languages is possible.
Another language aspect concerns business communication. TOM offers up to six configurable language templates for standard text elements as well as a freely extendable set of fom templates where even specific punctuation rules e.g. use of dot/comma in numbers is taken account of.
How is project-related e-mail traffic integrated into TOM?Generally it can be said that there a several methods for GENERATING and SENDING e-mail from within TOM while the process for RECEIVING e-mail into the database is rather rudimental.
The e-mail generation process uses various templates for purposes like quoting, assigning jobs to vendors etc. On the other hand, to connect incoming mail to TOM projects, the messages could be dragged and dropped into project folders, or in a manual process be directly dragged into the database
Read more on this in the online documentation:
E-Mail in TOM
How are CAT tools integrated in TOM?TOM's TM Calculator basically calculates prices from imported TM analysis data. This feature (add-on, extra charge) supports the following formats: Trados SDL (xml report file), Across (xml report file) and MemoQ (csv report file).
Client-specific, percentage-based price scales are connected with the TM report results
to do the maths. Results can be displayed on quotes, invoices or job assignments (e-mail or print), optionally in a shortened style ("client report") for clarity and easier readability.