T.O.M. Translator’s Office Manager

TOM is made for freelance translators, for small translation companies and for large translation/localization businesses. It manages small and large translation projects with many target languages easily and efficiently.

Agency, Team, Solito

The Agency edition manages an unlimited number of suppliers (external translators), while Team is limited to 20 and Solito to exactly one. The chosen registration/licensing option activates one of these editions.



  • Handles multi-language projects from quoting to invoicing
  • Time-saving, automated work routines
  • Detailed database of clients: contact data, staff list, prices, agreements, memos, and a lot more
  • Detailed database of freelance translators/suppliers: languages, specialization, prices, and a lot more
  • Multi-user administration, individual user privileges
  • Adaptable to regional requirements (language, layouts etc.)
  • Deadlines and appointments overviews
  • Text counting (MS Office formats, html, pdf; Windows only)
  • TM integration: SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Across
  • Efficient, automated files&folders handling
  • Reports & statistics: projects, turnover, margins, annual comparisons
  • Finances 1: Keep track of outgoing invoices, payments, reminders, cancellation invoices
  • Finances 2: Control and processing of incoming invoices from freelancers
  • Data export to Excel, csv etc
  • Integrated Help system to get started quickly and work efficiently


  • E-Mail integration (ext. e-mail clients such as MS Outlook ANDOR internal mail client)
  • Written correspondence (letters, fax)
  • Free choice of language in offers, invoices etc
  • MS WORD print option (Windows only!)
  • PDF creation (requires FileMaker® Pro!)
  • E-Mail circulars

Quality Management

  • Project-wise feedback from clients
  • Specific client information and instructions prominent in each project
  • Supplier rating: project-wise, and overall rating
  • Problem tracking: keep record of complaints, praise etc. by customers, and follow-ups
  • Margin calculation project-wise (cost control)

System information, Web

  • The single-user version (incl. TOM trial) operates on Windows 7/8/10.
  • TOM also runs on Mac systems, but not all features are available (no text counting, no print-to-MS Word). However we do not offer general Mac demos any longer, and handle requests for a Mac version individually. Please contact us for details.
  • FM Server requires Windows 7 or 8 Prof., or Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  • The single-user version can be started from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)
  • TOM is generally web accessible through VPN, TCPIP
  • Freely scalable: expand from single-user to network easily

For many more details please check out TOM’s online Help files:

DocumentationTOM Online Help files